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Celebrating the Lives of Alaska’s Beautiful Trees

Turning Trees into

Beautiful Functional Art

From my shop in Two Rivers, Alaska, I pursue my passion of turning wood into beautiful pieces of functional art. One of my great passions is working with wood. I love the touch and feel of it and what it could become. I began woodworking at age ten, making yard signs, puzzles (of Elvis Presley) and progressing to cedar chests. After a long career in business and education, doing and teaching sales, marketing and management, I turned my hobby into a business. It is truly a privilege to turn a piece of wood into an object of function and beauty for your home. If you don’t see something you like, contact me as I may be able to offer you a custom piece.

From a Fallen Birch Tree

To a Functional Work of Art

The Beauty of Wood

We spend many hours searching and collecting wood that is appropriate for the pieces we present to you. Most of the wood we use is Alaska Birch and comes from our property or in the Fairbanks area. We do not cut down living trees. The wood has to be carefully selected for density and strength. I have worked with wood all my life. While I appreciate the beauty of all types of wood quality, it’s important that anything created in our shop is not only functional but beautiful.  My wife, Alica and I hope that our artistic pieces find a special place in your home, or provide lasting joy to whomever is lucky enough to receive one of our pieces as a gift.

Artisan Wood Products

From Alaska to Your Home

Product Gallery

We offer a range of products including pastry pins, party and snack bowls, keepsake and potpourri bowls and yarn bowls. And yes, living in Alaska, we make Alaska Fish Bonkers to subdue our large salmon.

Custom Alaskan Wooden Bowls and Gifts from Knotty Woods

Custom made for you 

We also offer custom bowls or platters from your own wood. If you have a tree that blew down or is dying or dead and want a memento of it for your family, please contact us. If you send us a photo and description of what you would like, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss it with you.

This bowl was made from a dying Alaska Spruce tree. It has to be taken down so the bowl represents not only the tree but the vibrant colorss reflect the active family's lifestyle. They love it, too.